Monday 10 November 2014

Bliss balls - chocolate and cranberry - gluten free

Until recently I had never heard of a Bliss Ball  (I don't get out much!) On the Healthy page of the Sunday Star Times, I came across this nice gluten free, healthy option and really liked the look of them.
I have since seen Bliss Balls displayed on a couple of cafe counters! And if you go on line you will find many varieties of this little treat. But I have found this recipe the most versatile as it is sugar free (sort of), dairy and gluten free. Ideal to have around at Christmas for your family and friends who avoid all of the above.
You will see from this recipe it contains a large amount of dried fruit. There is your sugar, but in my book that doesn't really count as real sugar.
I hope you like them.

Choc-Cranberry Bliss Balls
Sunday Star Times –  Niki Bezzant
Makes about 12 balls
1 tbsp no added sugar or salt peanut butter
½ c dates
2 tbsp cocoa
½ sultanas
½ c cranberries
½ natural almonds

Chop dates into smaller pieces. Process all the ingredients with 2tbsp warm water, scoop out even amounts and roll into balls. I used a lovely Martha Stewart scoop I purchased in the US a couple of years ago. It is perfect for the job as the handle has a spring that slides a lever that pushes the mixture out. (if you get what I mean).
If desired you could roll in chocolate hail or coconut but they are equally nice without a coating.
I double the recipe too, as they keep well in an airtight tin.